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About Parties Too

At Parties Too our mission is to help people solve problems, accomplish goals, and fulfill dreams by providing the best equipment and service while reflecting the values taught by Christ.

The CORE VALUES that we consider vital to our success are Integrity, Dependability/Loyalty, Sense of Urgency, Thoroughness, Flexibility and Listening.

As a small family owned business we can offer you personal attention tailored to your specific needs. However, because we have been in business for over 51 years, we are large enough and diversified enough to have the party rental equipment you need when and where you need it. So no matter what your need we are prepared and equipped to handle it with the best products the world has to offer. Our entire staff will do their best to serve you quickly, at an unbeatable value and with the best equipment, service and supplies available. Come in and put the people and equipment of Parties Too to work for you.

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  • Parties Too is a member of the American Rental Association